Fees and charge

Joining fee 40 €

Annual club membership fee: Adults 110 € / Students 55 €

Joining the club on September or later the year will halve the club membership fee. Joining fee is always 40 €.

Indoor range fees:
One time charge with club equipment 10 €
One time charge with own equipment 5 €

Full season (calendar year) Adults 120 € / Students 70 €
(People with disabilities and retirees pay the student price)

When you join the club, the membership fee is determined according to the time of joining:

January-August, full year membership fee + membership fee
September-October, half-year membership fee + membership fee
Those who join in November-December pay the following year's membership fee + subscription fee

Outdoor ranges are free for use without a charge for all club members.
Use of the indoor range is also free for all underage (under 18 years + who turn 18 years during calender year) members.


Club's account number FI74 1432 3000 2081 57

Payment references
Membership: 6800
Range: 6826

Payments can also be made as a card payment or sports vouchers or other mobile payments. When making a payment other than by bank transfer, submit a screenshot of the payment to the treasurer's email (rahastonhoitaja (at) wilhelltell.fi).