TK1 - Technical Group 1

This is a class for beginners and those with a bit of experience. Class participants shoot independently, but an instructor is present to give feedback and support your practice.

TK1 classes cover similar material as JK1 and JK2 courses, but in a less structured manner.

You can join the class if you have either:

  • been to AA1 Beginners' class at least twice, OR
  • are on JK1 or JK2 course, OR
  • are a member of Wilhelm Tell.

Pre-registration required for non-members. (Choose a suitable day from any of the TK1 sessions listed.) There are two spots reserved for members without pre-registration.

Price is 10 EUR, 5 EUR if you have the club hall card. Payment on location.

If you do not have your own bow, you can use a club recurve barebow. The instructor can help you primarily with a barebow, but to some degree with a longbow, traditional, or olympic recurve as well. You cannot shoot a compound bow in this class.